Getting your licence is going to be a big change to your life giving you many opportunities opening up new adventures for you be it driving to college instead of the long commute on the bus, going on road trips with your favourite tunes on.

You have come to the right instructor as I teach you to become a safe, confident driver enabling you to overcome any fears you may have with a little humour thrown in too.  I also have first hand experience with Autism/Aspergers and am happy to help you pass.

You will learn how to:

  • Use Rural roads, How to stay safe on dual carriageways and Motorways
  • How to save fuel when driving
  • Handy tips and advice for future driving
  • Anticipating other road users
  • Help you to prepare and pass your theory test
  • Prepare you to pass first time and impress the examiner with your confidence

The only one thing you can do now is to call me to get your lessons started on :07736105799

Tearing Learner Plate
Learner driver tearing up her L plates on passing the driving test. Image shot 04/2010. Exact date unknown.
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