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Passing Your Driving Test

So, when do you want to be hitting the road and driving your own car? Because that is what learning to drive is all about.

When I help you to pass your driving test, I’m going to make it easy for you because my lessons are going to give you a whole lot more…

…Leaving you fully ready for any driving test and having the confidence you need to impress the driving examiner.

Triple Guarantee

Making Drivers Safe

At Affordable Prices

Ì am a really good driving instructor and I want to prove it to you, so I am offering you a triple guarantee.
Below I am giving you all the information you need to know including all the terms. There are no hidden catches…

…(1) Money Back Guarantee
If for whatever reason you do not like the driving lesson you are on I will refund you.
All lessons are paid before the lesson starts so if during or at the end of the driving lesson you were not happy you can have your cash back.

Here Are The Terms.

1. This will end our agreement and you will be free to find a new driving school.
2. It does not apply lessons on the day of the driving test or the driving test.
3. If you have paid for a block booking and still have lessons remaining, you will receive the remained of your money within 28 days. You will lose the right to any discount. All previous lessons will be counted at full price. The money returned will include the current lesson and for any remaining hours.
4. A lesson is classified as 60 minutes…

…(2)Pass Promise
I will do everything I can to help you pass your driving test first time, and because I believe in my skills if you do not pass first time I will pay for your next driving test.

Here Are The Terms.

1. You must complete a minimum of 40 hours training with me, the national average is 47, so this is almost 20% lower.
2. You need to take at least 2 hours of lessons every week, if you miss a week due to holiday or sickness you must make up the hours in the following week.
3. All tests to be arranged in accordance to my diary.
4. You must pass the theory test within 6 weeks of starting with me.
5. All tests to be in my car.
6. I have the right to give you free lessons rather than pay for the driving test, and the lessons will meet or surpass the cost of the driving test.
7. You must take at least 6 hours remedial lessons before the 2nd test…

…(3) A TWO Year Driving Lesson Warranty.
I want you to be a safe driver and the most dangerous time for any driver is within the first 2 years of passing so I’m giving you free refresher lessons if you feel you need them.
This is a really good safety aspect and highly recommended.

Here Are The Terms.

1. 3 hours per year for 2 years
2. You cannot carry the hours over to a second year
3. You cannot trade the hours
4. All refresher lessons are in your vehicle
5. You provide the fuel.
6. The vehicle must be road legal.
7. These are not motorway lessons.
8. Times, and pick up location to be arranged with the driving school

No one else offers such amazing value. As you can see, I want you to pass first time and be a really good and safe driver. Call me today. 07736105799


•100% Support anytime/any day!
•A referral scheme where you will receive £30 cash if you recommend anyone as soon as they have had their first lesson with me!
•Free theory support training. Worth £33= (1-hour session)
•A Free highway code book saving you £1.98
I promise no price rises from your first lesson right until you pass your test!!
•I have no cancellation fees


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